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Breaking up with Fast Fashion!



I once also was a fast fashion fan, and I know how hard it can be to let it go.

Here are few tips on how to make the break up with fast fashion easier for you!

Hit the thrift stores (obviously)! And if you are not a thrifter and not sure how to do it, I recommend to check YouTube videos on thrifting, find a YouTuber of your liking and get inspired! I personally love the energy of Blazed and glazed. And let me tell you, thrifting videos can be such a binge watch! Next step is to check your closet and decide on what exactly you need to buy. Doesn’t matter if it is fast fashion or slow fashion, you do not need what you do not need, buy consciously. Then log to Pinterest and create moodboard to set the goals for thrifting trip, this way you will not get overwhelmed at the thrift store.

I say it often and I will repeat it again, the clothes, which you find in thrift stores are unique, and it means you won’t see another girl wearing same mini dress at a party! Another great point, is that you can actually thrift a legit sparkly pretty spaghetti straps y2k dress, which is so much better than wearing “wanna be y2k” dress. And while you are at it, check the quality. The quality of clothes at thrift stores is often sooo good. Just think about, you found mini sparkly pink dress with funky label at a thrift stores, it is obviously from early 2000s, so it is about 20 years old and in perfect condition! What a good quality this dress must be to have such a life and still look pretty?! And now think about the last stretchy dress you bought from the fast fashion brand. Not to throw shade (*throws shade*)I bet it looked different already after few wears. And I don’t want to even think how will it look in 20 years. But also let’s be honest what is the life time of your fast fashion clothes. Think about those black fast fashion brand jeans or T-shirt, for how long it actually stayed in your closet? For how long jeans stayed black and how fast did the T-shirt stretched out? How fast did it turn out from your “good” clothes to your “stay at home and watch Netflix” clothes

If you just can’t get yourself to a thrift stores, try checking thrift and vintage re-sellers on Depop or IG or your local sustainable clothing brands. What I personally love about small slow fashion sustainable brands is the great customer service! The small sustainable brands value their communities and their customers, they often answer the customer service requests themselves and it is no surprise that the brand owner might answer you. Rarely you will get the robot answer. The customer service chat with sustainable small brands often turns into girls chat which in order turns into amazing mood boost. And let’s be honest when was the last time you had a girl talk with Amancio Ortega (the founder of Zara)?

Another good tip is, stop being so hard on yourself and… on repeating  your outfits! I know IG pressures us to change outfits daily and never wear the same twice, but if it looks good and makes you feel good, nothing should be stopping you to wear it again and again (and again)!

Btw, if you ever have troubles finding clothes which fits, it is another call to try sustainable brands and thrifting! Fun fact, I once heard, that fast fashion brands often switch it is sizing and makes clothes not exactly true to size to keep you buying. When it comes to thrifting, I cannot explain the magic, but jeans there just fit better! I always tell a story how I went thrifting with my best friend Dasha. Dasha has extremely long legs, and I have short legs, and we always struggle to find jeans, that will fit us and our legs. Anyway, that day we found 2 pairs of jeans each! There is just something about how they used to make jeans of much more different sizes, that just is amazing.

Again if you do not thrift, there are sustainable and slow fashion brand that makes clothes to order, which means you can send your measurements and the brand will make it exact to your measurements! For example, the loveliest brand Maison Cléo. This brand is great example of many many many things, and I could write an essay about them, but it would be for another blog post. Maison Cléo is mother-daughter duet, that makes clothes to order, all you need is to mention your measurements in the notes, when ordering and the clothes will be made exactly for you. Also, Maison Cléo just posted, that they about to open atelier showroom boutique in Calais! It means the customers can come straight to atelier, visit, see the sewing and take the measurements right there! Congrats to Maison Cléo! Also, their customer service is amazing, for example, they answered and reacted to all of my messages and IG Stories, and yes, I am their big big fan.

Another example, are our MY MOM SAID reversible and size adjustable tops. You should not worry if the tops will fit or which size to choose! Choose the size of the top based on the coverage you prefer and size adjustable designs will allow you to adjust the top to your body’s perfect fit! 

If you do not believe everything you see and hear about the impact of the Fast Fashion on our planet and lives, make yourself a drink or cup of coffee, open your laptop in Carrie Bradshaw style and do the research yourself. Take time to actually read into everything Google can offer you on why is it important to stop buying Fast Fashion, what impact Fast Fashion brands have, and why is it time to switch to sustainable options!


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