Smilla's strong modelling face caught my eye and I kept scrolling! I fall in love with her style and photos with attitude and in the beginning I was a bit shy to ask @smillahrbst for the interview, but once I saw her fun summer stories with that gorgeous smile of hers I just went for it and asked! And I am so glad I did, because Smilla is the nicest and just amazing to be the first model for #GIRLBOSSINSTYLE!
-Katya, Founder of MY MOM SAID 


Could you tell us a bit about yourself for those who does not know you?
My name is Smilla and two years ago I moved to Berlin. Coming from a small town in Germany living in Berlin was a big step for me.

I am modelling and studying psychology. My friends would probably describe me as being a wild heart, who is always up for an adventure and to have some fun.

Can you tell more about your modelling job?

I can call myself lucky since I am an “editorial girl” when it comes to modelling and in that sense my work often represents my own style. I love extreme posing and a strong face with an attitude. Something I like to represent with my choice of fashion as well.

Modelling is a way for me to express myself. Of course I have to do shoots and jobs that don’t represent my character, but most times it’s actually possible for me to show my authentic self.

I started almost six years ago when I was 18 years old. Since March I am with ICONIC and doing full time modelling. I think a lot of people don’t recognise how long it can take to become successful or even make a little money. You always see those girls and boys who are suddenly there and are rising models but often times it has been a long process.

Your thoughts on such thing as “beauty standards” in 2021?
I’m very happy that the industry is changing right now. However I think that a lot of these changes are still pretentious and more marketing than true believes. Hopefully we will become more and more inclusive!


How do you spend your Sundays? 
In my free time I love to spend my time with friends and dancing at raves. Recently I started making beaded jewellery as a hobby which I enjoy a lot. Once in a life time I also love to paint, draw or sew.

From which places do you buy clothes?
I mostly shop second hand at stores like Humana, Vintage Revivals or little stores I come across when traveling.

For example I got my fave bag from a little store in Paris for one euro. I also have some friends who are gifting me clothes which I really appreciate. Or I just go “shopping” in my dads closet.

There’s also a brand in Berlin (@melisaminca) from which I bought pants a year ago and I definitely wanna get more stuff from her!


How would you describe your style in few words?
My style changes depending on my mood. In winter I mostly wear big hoodies and pants, looking more boyish. In summer when my mood gets better I love wearing stuff that shows off my body. Sometimes I feel green or blue and then my whole outfit is inspired by this one colour. The 90s and 00s inspire me as well.

How your style evolved, if it evolved, during past few years?

When I moved to Berlin my style changed since I could finally express myself without getting judged all the time. But also throughout the past two years I got more comfortable with myself and feel like I dress more confident now than I used to.

Do you dress to impress/ for yourself/ to impress yourself /other?
I dress for myself, so that I feel comfortable and strong.
What are your go to summer outfits? 
I love wearing my self made jewellery this summer cause it makes me feel very girly and cute!

What would you recommend to people looking for their style?
I think it’s important to just listen to yourself and maybe use some people who you think look great for style inspo.

What/who are your style inspirations? 
Bella Hadid, the 90s and 00s.

How your relationship with thrifting started?
When I was 17 I started to look into veganism and with that I also became more sustainable regarding my fashion choices since I started to stop buying new leather etc., so for me it was a natural conclusion to start thrifting in order to be more sustainable.

Did your thrifting habits change over the years?
I used to buy a lot from online places like “Vinted” and now I rather go into second hand stores and try pieces on before buying them.

Any tips on thrifting in your country/city or would you rather keep it a secret?
Humana is a great place since they have many stores across Berlin and a huge selection. They are also very cheap! Otherwise I recommend flea markets like the RAW one or the market at Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain.

What would you say to teenage yourself?
            “Heads up!”

- Smilla, @smillahrbst


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