I accidentally came across so Instagram, the greens of BOTTEGA VENETA and the beauty of Dior bags caught my eye and I could not stop scrolling Sonja’s feed! 
Now its your time to see those gorgeous outfits and read what Sonja has to say on her love for fashion & luxury.
-Katya, Founder of MY MOM SAID 


Could you tell us a bit about yourself for those who does not know you? 

My name is Sonja and I live in Aachen, very close to the borders of the Netherlands and Belgium, what I like a lot. I am 35 years old 😉 for a few years.

I run my Instagram Account since 2014 (?) but was not very active for years. I begun to post a bit more in 2016/2017 when I stopped my career as an Ultra-Runner and had to focus on other things.

Are you currently working or studying and is it in anyway related to fashion and your style? 

I work in an Office and do a very normal nine to five job in accounting. This is sometimes a bit tough for me, because I love to wear the stuff I spent my money on.

Can you imagine the glance of some colleagues, when I come in my Bottega Veneta Puddle Boots to the office?


First of all, I love love love your Instagram, your outfits and your style! As you say yourself in your Instagram bio you are “Fashion & Luxury Lover”. Have you always been Fashion and Luxury lover or is it something you developed with time? If yes, how it happened?

Thanks a lot!! Always. It was always my topic what to wear and how to combine; to differ from other people. There are times in your life in when it is more important, and times when it isn’t. When I was young I bought more things vintage or tried to design it myself f.e. from old Mens Shirts etc.

I had to stop my running “career” after an accident when I have to lie down for several weeks and could not really move. I had some nice Handbags in that time, but not really from the luxury section. I was always wondering, why I don’t find a really nice Handbag.

So I started my recherche for my perfect Handbag and ended up some weeks later with my first Luxury Bag a Louis Vuitton Retiro. Then I realised I need a Tote, a clutch and so on and on :-D. This was the beginning of my Luxury Love.

Talking about developing, can one develop style and if yes, could you give some advices or personal experience on how to find your own style and develop it?

First of all: you have to want it! There are a lot people who just don’t care. If there is a will – there is a way. Then I would recommend to just start browsing, to follow several Instagram accounts and to find your personal preferences.

If you find something you love and you feel good wearing it, then it is good for you. Fashion is something that should make you feel good and feel beautiful. If you love yourself you will express it. If you wear something and feel uncomfortable, leave it.


Could you name your all time favourite brands and why you love them?

Celine ( with and without ´ ) and this will not change. One of my first and still favourite Bags is Céline, Bottega Veneta, Dior and lately Prada and the Row.

My preferences may change from time to time. For the ones who follow me for a longer time might remember that Bottega Veneta was not always my number one.

I am crazy about Totême, this has become my absolute number one brand when it comes to clothing.

Do you have some favourite new and upcoming brands which you think everyone should keep an eye on?

There are so many out there that are worth to have a closer look. As an upcoming brand I think Aylin Koenig is doing a very good job and I like her pieces very much.


What are your favourite clothing pieces of this summer? 


My best shoe purchase for me are my The Row Fisherman Sandals. These are so so good. Bag Purchases are my green Mini Jodie from Bottega Veneta and my Celine Basket. An absolute Must-have for Summer and I wonder why I did not get this earlier!!


Your instagram photos are full of style and based on tags I can see that you mix Dior, Bottega Veneta, Celine with H&M and ZARA, which is very interesting. Could you explain your choice of brands? Why you buy them and what do you love about those brands?

First of all, I am really trying to reduce my fast Fashion purchases for the Future.

Why I buy H&M and ZARA is easy to explain: I spend a lot of money for Bags and Shoes. I am a normal working person and have to buy all things myself - so you have to weight up, and save on other points. If it is a fast trend and I am not sure I will love a piece for years it is better for me to go for a more affordable version! Lately I found some nice Blouses at Uniqlo and its good quality wise  and affordable alternative for basic pieces also Cos Stores.

But on all timeless pieces I will in future go for quality before quantity. And f.e. my Totême Fisherman Jumper you will see a lot on me as soon the temperatures go down again or my Max Mara Coat that I will wear for sure every winter!

I love your collection of luxury bags and shoes. If I am planning to invest my money in one luxury bag, which bag should it be in your opinion?

If you want to invest in one Luxury Bag go for a Lady Dior or a classic Chanel bag. But these are not made for random use and neither to carry every day to the office. So I would suggest maybe to start with a beautiful every day Bag. Maybe a Bottega Veneta Jodie or Arco or a Celine Luggage for example.


What is your favourite bag currently?

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie in green (I would not mind get another one in black), my Padded Cassette and my Celine Basket.


Would you have some advices for people like me, who are thinking to invest in luxury bag/shoes?

Do it. Once you started it you will see what happens 😉

Where do you shop? 

I prefer always to shop in the store. To have a good SA who will help you if you are looking for something special. During Corona I started to like Online-Shopping. My favourites here are Farfetch, Net-a-Porter, 24S and Matchesfashion.

If I may ask, do you have archive of your clothes, where you save all of your luxury items, or do you sell it after season or once you get tired of it?

I would love to sell more of the things I don’t give enough use. I know, many people do that and have the one-in-one-out rule. My problem is, that I don’t want to give my bags for a low price because they all are in perfect condition. From time to time I do, but I don’t mind keeping most of my bags. Clothes I often sell or give to my daughter.


What is your thoughts on luxury clothing VS stylish outfits, does one require the other? For example, does stylish outfit require some luxury items in order to be stylish and vice versa does luxury clothing always equals stylish outfit?

No. You can be dressed from Head to Toe in the most expensive clothes and look cheap. But I think you can absolutely upgrade your outfit with one or two luxury accessories. This is what I do most of the time 😉 For example a simple white Tee and a Jeans with a nice Bag and Shoes can look so fabulous!!

Your thoughts on fast fashion / slow fashion / sustainability?

As I mentioned before, I will reduce shopping fast fashion as much as possible and invest in more longtime pieces in future. But totally stop will probably not work for me because I am not that classic type. I need a bit fun and variety otherwise I am bored very quick.


What is your opinion on shopping in 2021, any thoughts or advices?

What should I advise.. Just do what makes you happy. We live once. And don’t save things for special occasions because every day is.


How would you describe your style in few words? 

I love the 90s style and I try to keep it more minimalistic. Maybe a bit masculine. You will rarely see me in a pink flower dress or with bows or girly things.


How your style evolved, if it evolved, during past years?

I would say my style has changed a lot. I am a person who is influenced by trends. If I see it working for me and I love this - I do it. I have some followers who claim that they liked me more, when I had more Dior Style. But this was a trend and now I prefer other things.


What are your mottos / favourite quotes / personal sayings when it comes to your style or fashion?

Don’t save things for a special occasion – every day is a special occasion.

Do what makes you happy.


Do you dress to impress / for yourself/ to impress yourself /other? 

Just for myself. I don’t care what other people think about me.


Trends or timeless pieces or combination? What is your choice and why?

If you only wear Trends there are two options: You have to buy a lot fast fashion or you don't have to care about money 😉


What are you thinking about when choosing outfits? Do you rely on mood or weather or occasion?

Both! I plan my Outfit for the next day the evening before. If I see, it will rain all day I change it… But normally I have something what I call Motto-Day :-D


Could you tell us about your latest favourite outfits? And where is it from?

My latest is my Frankie Shop Lui Set or nice Shorts paired with a Long Blouse and Tank Top underneath.


Who are your style inspirations? 

Hmmmm……. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Rosie Huntington Whiteley are my spontaneous choice…


What are some of your favourite Instagram, Tik tok accounts, people, blogs or youtubers who are inspiring you and your style or whom you just like to follow?

There are a lot. For the big accounts for me is styleandthebeach and are my favourites. Also a lot of inspiring small accounts. I prefer those over the big Influencer accounts who are sponsored with everything.


What would you say to teenage yourself?

Study and focus on your career.


Any closing message to readers? 

Thank you for reading 😉 See you on my Instagram account.


- Sonja,


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