Many times Lara's Instagram appeared in my Instagram explore feed, always with style, long hair and outfits with accents on bright colors. So it was natural, that when I was looking for the next #GIRLBOSSINSTYLE I contacted her, and the result is this interview!

-Katya, Founder of MY MOM SAID 


Could you tell us a bit about yourself for those who does not know you?

Hello sweethearts, my name is Lara, I am 22 years old and use she/her/hers pronouns.

I live in Germany and am currently studying for a Master's degree in medical physics. Besides my studies I work in the gastronomy and I am passionate about creative things.


At the moment I am studying for a Master's degree in medical physics. My studies mainly revolve around physics. In everyday life, however, I mainly deal with creative things. I would describe myself as a little creative nerd. Fashion has always played a big role in my life.

I find it fascinating that fashion can express personalities and feelings. I love to express all my facets through my style.

At the moment it would be a dream for me to work more in fashion. Nevertheless, I love my studies and already find myself wearing a lab coat in a research company.

But above all, I don't want to commit myself in life yet.

How do you spend your Sundays?  

I always start my Sunday with a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals and I wouldn't want to miss my porridge in the morning.

After breakfast, I love long walks with my boyfriend, both in the rain and in the sun. Cuddling and coffee in bed.

When the sun is shining, I like to sit on the balcony and do pottery (a brand new hobby of mine).

In the afternoons, I usually go to the gym as a balance to everyday life and push myself to my limits.

I like to spend the evening with friends. I love cooking with friends (making pasta or pizza myself), drinking good wine and having intense conversations.


Your thoughts on fast fashion and slow fashion?

I personally hope that the trend in the fashion industry will move more and more in the direction of slow fashion. For many people, clothes are simple consumer goods that are bought or thrown away without thinking about it.

For me, it is especially important to buy sustainable clothes. I want to keep my clothes for a long time and that's why I try to pay attention to the quality of the clothes.

Personally, I think it makes sense to set yourself limits in your consumer behaviour. For example, to buy only one or two items per month. It is about time that the fashion industry moves in a sustainable direction. I think that each of us should take steps in the right direction, no matter how big the steps are.

Of course, a responsible approach also means first of all effort, but it is worth it to maintain a world worth living in.

How would you describe your style in few words? 

A mix of elegant and casual. Sometimes also as bold.


Could you tell us about your latest favourite outfits? And where is it from?

My current favourite outfit: cowboy shoes combined with low waist Levi's jeans. Add an oversized shirt and a piece with a small colour accent (for example a colourful bag).

The pants and shoes are from a small local vintage shop. The white shirt in the picture is from one of my favourite brands: Djerf Avenue. 

Who are some of your favourite internet people, who are inspiring you and your style or whom you just like to follow?

One of my favourite Instagrammers is Matilda Djerf. I love her style but most of all her personality. Her page radiates so much positive energy. I admire her way of combining clothes and giving clothes a character all of their own.

She conveys self-love and also shows her weaknesses, which makes her so human. Matilda stands for sustainable fashion and tries to implement this idea in her own brand.

Besides Matilda, I am inspired by one of my best friends (ella.wns on Instagram). She has such a great soul and gives the clothes that certain something extra.

She inspires me to try new things and gives you so much positivity.

Her profile makes you happy and you feel like life is beautiful.


Can you tell about your best and most favourite thrift find or vintage purchase?

    My current favourite pieces are: Cowboy boots, low waist Levi's jeans and an oversized leather jean.

    But I love all my vintage clothes. Most of the time, the pieces have a very    special character.

    How your style evolved, if it evolved, during past few years? 

    My style has changed especially with the origin of my clothes. I try to buy as much vintage as possible, which has changed my style more and more into an individual style.

    Over time I have learned to wear what I like.

    I am more confident and dare to try different styles and things.

    I think it's important to listen to yourself and wear things that you like and not always what others like.

    Everyone should have the right to wear what they like without feeling uncomfortable.

    I think that's one of the most important things that everyone, including me, has to learn over the years.

    - Lara, @lara_bsmnn


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