I planned this Interview with the gorgeous Ona for a long long time, and I am so happy that it is finally here!
Ona has amazing style and outfits made of sustainable, vintage & thrifted clothing, but my favourites are the ones she creates, like literally creates, with her mother! I do not want to take your attention away from Ona, so grab your Sunday morning drink and go straight to reading what Ona has to say!
-Katya, Founder of MY MOM SAID 



Could you tell us a bit about yourself for those who does not know you? 

I’m a 23-year old student born and raised in Helsinki. My friends would probably describe me as a curious daydreamer. I love beautiful places and things, and I’m just trying to create a life that feels like me.


I’m soon starting my last year of studies in cultural management!
I started modelling when I was very young, so I got interested in fashion through work. For me it’s a fun way to express myself and feel good.


Your thoughts on fast fashion / slow fashion/ sustainability/ thrifting?  

I really try to avoid fast fashion, but it’s sometimes challenging to find specific, current stuff at thrift stores. That’s when I’ll usually try to get creative and make something myself (with a lot of help from my mom). Or find a secondhand piece that i can alter to fit my style better.

Most of my wardrobe is thrifted, but I mix in some staple items from sustainable brands like Stella Mcartney and Paloma wool. I get excited over high quality vintage items too!


What is your opinion on shopping in 2021, any thoughts or advices?  

I try to shop intentionally and avoid impulse buying clothes online. I’ve always been into thrifting and I think one of the best ways to explore new cities is to find the best thrift stores and make a day of it. Especially with friends! I’m also so lucky to share the same size with my bestie so we are always borrowing clothes from each other. Double wardrobe! <3


How your style evolved, if it evolved, during past few years? 

My style keeps changing with me as I grow. A few years ago I wasn’t into colour at all, but now I love wearing bright colours. When I catch myself wearing the same boring outfits I try to change it up by adding accessories and fun makeup/hair/nails.


What is your craziest latest clothing discovery or re-discovery?

I can’t believe i’m saying this- but flip flops. I actually used to hate them but now I love to combine them with suit pants.

My favourite outfit for this summer has been black flip flops with my Stella McCartney suit pants, and a crop top.

By switching out the top you can go from casual to dressy easily.


What would you recommend to people looking for their style?

Pinterest!!! I have mood boards for literally everything. If I feel inspired, I might make a mood board for the coming month and pin things I’d like to wear or experiment with. I love summer fashion because it’s so easy to play around and turn a scarf into a top etc!



What/who are your style inspirations? 

 @lainiozark, @wearilive, @sylviemus, @matildadjerf.

I love late 90’s/2000’s influences in fashion!


What is your favourite thing about thrifting? 

The surprise element! You never know what you might find, and when you strike gold it feels so much more rewarding than buying fast fashion.

Did your thrifting habits change over the years?

Yes! I didn’t always think my purchases through. I would buy something that didn’t match anything I owned or was a little too small etc. Now I try to think of outfits I can create with that piece, and if it needs altering i’ll check the materials, seams etc and make a plan for the altering.


Can youshow your best and most favourite thrift finds & vintage purchase?

I am obsessed with these vintage Gucci sunglasses I found online (Zadaa), and actually this necklace is secondhand too. The outfit is made by mom and me <3

Your advice for someone who has not started thrifting yet?

Thrifting online is so much fun. Find inspiration on Pinterest and that way you might discover you like something specific that’s easy to look for. I like Zadaa and Vestiaire Collective as online marketplaces.


Thanks for reading, sending love! x



Ona, @onarihu
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