Does Soulja even need a foreword? I really do not think so.
I randomly came across her podcast last summer, and as a person who do not listen to podcasts I was blown away how much I liked it and how relatable the girl is and long story short I have been Maya's fan since. 
I am in this age where I am closer to my 30s than to my 20s, I do sometimes feel lost keeping up with the slightly younger generation and in the moments like this I just go to Maya's Tik Tok and binge watch it.
Not to take your attention any more longer.
Maya is relatable, honest and She is the moment!
-Katya, Founder of MY MOM SAID 




Could you tell us a bit about yourself for those who does not know you? 
I am Maya also known as Soulja or SouljaMaya. I am 22 years old, Finnish, Swedish and American. I am currently based between Helsinki and Florence, but spend most of my time in Florence. 


Are you currently studying or working and is it in anyway related to fashion and your style? 

I am a full time fashion business student at POLIMODA, but I do social media work and content creation on the side. It's not something I really ever saw myself going into, but it kind of fell into my lap and I really enjoy what I do. 


Could you tell us about your podcast? 

The podcast started by my dad going on vacation and leaving me alone in his house to take care of his dog. I was really bored and had been told by people that I had a radio voice, so I sat down, recorded an episode off my phone and made a little logo on photoshop.

At the time I was really lost in life, wasn't studying anything and just needed something to do. I think I have really grown as a storyteller throughout the year I have been making episodes, but now that I have school and work the podcast has fallen off of my priorities list a little.

My goal is to get back into a weekly posting schedule and incorporate more fashion and design discussions, because that is really what I love talking about! 


Your thoughts on fast fashion, slow fashion, sustainability, thrifting?

I would be lying if I said I don't shop at any fast fashion stores, but when I do I try to make conscious decisions and buy things that I will be able to use outside of trend cycles.

I have this black bodysuit that I got at Forever21 in 2015, and I still wear it on a weekly basis, in 7 years it has never gone out of my closet rotation.

That being said, I get sad every time i walk into a fast fashion store, they don't inspire me. I feel so much more creative walking into thrift stores and trying to find pieces that are unique. It has really forced me to play around with different styling and silhouettes because there are obviously not variations of size and colors.

Also studying fashion, I have learned to value materials and composition of garments, so I try to only by natural fabrics that I know will last longer and look better. 


How would you describe fashion nowadays in few words?

Renaissance, uniform, shareable, inspired-by, curated 


Your thoughts on trends?

On one hand I like trends because i think they have sparked a lot of innovation in the past couple years, but they are usually something I try to stay away from. 


What is your opinion on shopping in 2022, any thoughts or advices?

I hope we shift back to shopping in person, I think part of the fashion experience is about sight and touch, I don't want to shop in the metaverse.

In 2022 i'm focusing on buying high quality garments, either made from wool, linen, silk or cotton!

Quality > quantity is the VIBE! 

(Maya is wearing MY MOM SAID OXANA reversible top)

Your current favourite brand(s) and why?

(Maya is wearing MY MOM SAID MASHA dress)

Is it weird to say you (MY MOM SAID) i'm wearing your pieces almost on a daily basis during the summer! 

(Maya is wearing MY MOM SAID IRA crochet top)

I just found @yvonneandmitchel on insta and have been hyperfixated on their upcycling!

On the higher end, LOEWE is really killing it every collection, I think they are making luxury fashion really fun again!

How would you describe your style in few words?

Simple but effective. 


From which places do you buy clothes?

In the past year, almost all of my clothing purchases have been thrifted or from second hand markets. Not even thinking of the sustainability aspect, I just thinking shopping second hand is so much more fun, and usually cheaper for my student budget! 

How your style evolved, if it evolved, during the past few years?

I have definitely gone through some phases, I was emo with black hair in 2018 lol. A couple years ago I definitely played around more with trends, now I stick to almost an all black closet with pops of colour. I am still trying to pinpoint exactly what my style is, it still changes every couple of months.

What are your mottos/favorite quotes/personal sayings  when it come to your style or fashion? 

My motto for life is YOLO, it's such a 2015 thing to say, but it's so true, you only live once. Wear whatever you want and try new things! 


Could you tell us about your latest favourite outfits? And where is it from? 

My go to outfit is a black mini skirt and a black top, either a baby tee or tank. It's so simple but looks good every time. When I don't know what to wear, i put on the MY MOM SAID black mini, my I <3 Paris shirt I bought in Paris when i was 9 years old, and a pair of black boots! 

What are your go to summer outfits? 

Sunglasses are my favourite accessory even when the sun isn't out, to me no outfit is complete without a fun pair. Vintage sunglasses are also one of my favourite things to online shop for. 

Few things you hate and few things you love when it comes to summer clothing? 

I hate biker shorts, I still wear them, but I just don't think they are real clothes. To me it feels like i'm going to walk the dog every time i put them on, so i get surprised when people style them in a more “going out” kind of way. 

What is your craziest latest clothing discovery or re-discovery?

Maxi skirts, i really thought i would only wear miniskirts for the rest of my life, but now i love a low rise maxi skirt. 

(Maya is wearing MY MOM SAID MASHA dress as a skirt)

What would you recommend to people looking for their style? 

Try new things, try to take inspiration from things outside of fashion and the instagram explore page, like art, sculpture or architecture. 

What/who are your style inspirations? 

Rihanna always, not necessarily because I want to dress like her, but she has always pushed the envelope with fashion. I have also delved into the tour fashion of early 2000s pop stars like Britney, Christina & the pussycat dolls and I think that is so fun and sexy. 


What are some of your favourite Instagram, Tik tok accounts, people, blogs  or youtubers who are inspiring you and your style or whom you just like to follow?

BrendaHashtag has the craziest archive wardrobe and I almost always agree with her fashion takes. She also has a really unique take on being an influencer, refusing PR packages from most brands and really only showing what she would consume. 

Devonleecarlson is forever my It girl, i look to her for all my night out inspo, I think she has created an aesthetic for herself that seems really effortless but is actually quite hard to recreate. 


Your thoughts on thrifting?

I love thrifting, it's one of my favourite activities! It's the best way to try new styles or even trends at a fraction of the price. I also think all clothes tell stories and thrifting just adds to it. I have more recently started online thrifting on Tise and Vinted but i still prefer going to little thrift shops, I think it's where you can really find cool things.

My best thrift find is probably a 90s black mini dress with spaghetti straps, I found it at UFF for 7€ in 2016 and it's the perfect LBD.

The best thrift advice is go in with an open mind and always look through all the pieces you have picked before going to the register. 

What would you say to teenage yourself?

Keep trying new things, keep learning, don't hold yourself back. 

And what would you say to teenage yourself regarding your style?

Stop wearing neon pink…its not your color. 

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