MY MOM SAID started after I broke up with Fast Fashion and started full committed relationships with Sustainable Fashion. My romance with Sustainable Fashion bloomed once I found out all the possibilities of thrifting in Finland. I stepped into crazy new world of huge recycling centers and saw how much people actually donate daily and how much material could be repurposed. 
  I started learning more and more about slow and sustainable fashion. Around same time I began to re-purpose clothes I could not sell and could not wear into tops. I fell in love with creating clothes out of thrifted materials. I gathered all my courage and began working towards opening my own clothing business.
In the beginning my goal was to create sustainable clothing which would be ethical and closer to affordable. It was my mistake right there as I quickly realised, that costs of sustainable clothing are high - and rightfully so . I looked at the "problem" (which is not problem at all)  from another angle and I started to think "Okay, how can I create product with more value for customers and keep the costs same". The answer was surprisingly easy - Reversible clothing. I realised that making clothes reversible does not increase the costs drastically, because it is the same amount of seams. However, it provides customer with the additional top of another colour for the same price. That was the time, when all of my tops' designs became reversible.
In 2021 creating 100% sustainable and eco-friendly clothing can still be challenging. I aim to one day produce the ideal fully sustainable clothes. Right now,  MY MOM SAID clothes is made out of thrifted fabric and clothes.  Meanwhile, some products are more sustainable than the others. For example some products have polyester threads and some products are made using threads made out of recycled polyester (rPET). For those reasons, I provide detailed description of the products, to let you know, what exactly went into creating of each garment.


Some of the products are handmade by me and some are sewn by the amazing seamstress' here in Finland.


I created MY MOM SAID motivated by sustainability and inspired by the beauty of bodies for people who loves and learn to love their bodies.


I name the brand MY MOM SAID after everything my mom told me and taught me and everything I learnt from her about clothes, loving your body, beauty and confidence. My mom is my best example of dressing extra and dressing for yourself. She is the one, who taught me, that it does not matter what others think about your outfits, as long as you are loving it. Like MY MOM once SAID "If you do not like how I look, do not look".

Katya, Founder of MY MOM SAID